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Histamine Challenge

Hi all :)

I am being admitted to Royal Bromtpon on Tuesday for the 3rd time, for repeat tests.

My lungs were far too 'twitchy' last time to have the test done, but has anybody had the histamine challenge, and what is invovled? I already know it's going to be a bit horrendous! What do they actually do?

I have lookedonline but haven't found much info.


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It isn't too bad....

You have to stop medications at certain times before the test varies on what medication etc.

You do Spiro as a basline and then they get you to brethe in different strengths of histamine (they spray it as you take a breath in) and then do spiro inbetweeeen each strength if it drops by 20% they stop and thats classed as a postive result. At the end you generally get given a neb.


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