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help with bullys at work

have recently started having problems with some people at work who are trying to get me to do things that they know doesn't help, when i refuse they make nasty comments like why did they take on someone like you and if it's that bad get it sorted when i try to explain that i have brittle asthma they shut off does anyone have any ideas on how i can either get them to leave me alone or get them to understand the differences between brittle asthma and so called controlled asthma

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Start by keeping a log or diary and speak to your manager/supervisor about it. If you get no joy go higher. As for understanding this is a difficult one, they will either want to understand or not. If you have regular staff meetings you could asked if a talk can be arranged for someone to visit to talk about asthma and you could input on that too.

Hope it helps to make a start and good luck, hope it sorts quickly.


Disability Discriminaton Act could be costly for the indivifual concerned your employer has to keep you from being discriminated against


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