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I think i might lose my job :(

I had probs at work today because i was on the dish washer all day, got wheezy tight and very tired (and oddly cold shivers) and was sent home after 4 and a half hours ( i was meant to work 6) the big boss didnt seem to impressed even though i was getting upset saying that id let everybody down, which lets face it i did, but she was saying it was fine and that they'll keep an eye on me. She didn't even know i had asthma although the supervisor was told on my first day.

Now i'm worried that i'm going to lose my job because of it. This has all gone to pot since my last cons appointment and i had my seretide cut. cant get in to doctors until the 12th and i'm working before that. I'm not looking for emergency advice, just general advice because i cant afford to be sacked because of my asthma.

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Okay - try and take a step back from it for a moment.

Reading your post it seems that the only one who was concerned that you were letting everyone down was you! If that's the case, and your boss said that everything was fine and they'll keep an eye on you, why do you think that you'll be sacked because of this?

Aside from the fact the the DDA wouldn't allow them to sack you after an asthma attack, what has given you the impression that you'll be sacked? I certainly can't see where you got that idea from in what you've said happened, which is why I suggest taking that step back (easier to say then do, I appreciate) and looking at the situation as an outsider; from my point-of-view, as it were.

You don't seem to have anything to worry about :)


i dunno, i guess it came from when i asked of having asthma would be a problem she said it might be.

it was prob irrationality that made me feel this way, plus i just really fear failiure, but she said that although the probs were going on for a while before hand, i held on, think that made things better on that point.

thanks steve, guess the worry made the irrational side of me come out, gonna see if my Zone 2 seretide helps for a few days


I tend to get worried that I might lose my job even though my job has caused my asthma. Have you ever thought that it could be something at work that is causing your asthma? go carefully with this one as you don't want them to say that you can't work there because it makes you ill. Since getting occupational asthma through proteolytic enzymes (I believe these are also used in dishwasher detergent) in the laundry where I work I now have to be very careful. Paint and perfumes are among the things I have to watch. All the washing machines are now fed with liquids which I have no contact with.

See if you can figure out whether there is something at work which triggers your asthma and if there is see whether something can be done about it. A work environment which makes you il is no good for you.

Just a thought, I have had problems with my employer and my health problems since I started with my current employer but am still there after over 4 years.

Hope all goes well



i know what it was that made me ill on tuesday, i was stuck on a bleachy steamy dishwasher and carrying heavy trays loaded up with cups and plates, plus i think it could have partly been my own fault by rushing so much


Okay Wendy (says he slipping on his home-made legal-eagle wig complete with new patchwork lining kindly donated by Lois :o)

For arguments sake, let’s say you are partly at fault.

However, your company should have provided you with a safe method of work (how to operate the equipment and carry out you normal tasks safely) and trained you to use the equipment and carry dishes in a way that is not hazardous to your health or the people around you.

So, it would appear from your previous post (partly your fault) that you did not comply with the company’s health and safety procedures.

I will leave you to make up your own mind to where the blame lies (as he throws home-made legal eagle wig in the corner)

Take hair,



Hi Wendy

Hi Deek

Remember that the company also has a responsibility to ensure you follow their safe systems at work.

your supervisor should tell you to slow down if you are rushing too much.

Somehow that doesn't seem to happen.

your employer should also consider whether any reasonable adjustments should be made to enable you to do your job without making your asthma worse as you would probably be classed as disabled under the DDA.

My employers solicitors have conceded that my asthma is considered a disability.

That also means they have to be careful if they try to dismiss you.

Don't let them get you down



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