totally unimpressed

hey, i'm annoyed with my meds atm and i dont know what to do about it without soundimng like a total hypochondriac.

My expected PF is supposed to be 465 l/min, the highest ive ever got was 370 l/min, and that was with a dose of salbutamol.

I'm on beclometasone 250mg and somedays having to double dose cos my PF has dropped below the 85% mark , which is 315 l/min which in the past week has been 7 out of 14 blows, even going past 70% this morning.

I was put on serevent to try and stablise things and i feel totally let down because i have been no more stable than i was without it.

my chest feels heavy and full of gunk atm and i feel so rotten, my cough sounds croupy and is getting WAY out of hand, and since i hurt my side the other day, (reaching to ge something and fell of fthe bed in to a chest of drawers), its just felt that little bit harder to breathe.

Now i feel like there are only 3 choices:

1. Stop my medication entirely.

2. See my doctor but probably have no change of medication.

3. Carry on and leave things as they are.

sorry to moan but ive been feeling rotten for days and dont know what to do.

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  • Don't stop your meds! Suggest you go and see your Dr and discuss it with him/her sometimes it can take a lot of trial and error to get the right combinations of drugs that work for you.


  • i'll make the appointment after easter and after ive been to my parents, i just wanna give up sometimes cos i've been this route before, except instead it was appendicitus, and that was only dealt with when i was weak, dehydrated and 1 week from rupture. without what ive already got, what else can i do?

  • Wendy, it might be worth asking to see chest consultant if you feel you are getting no-where.


  • i mite do, well my docs head of the sugery so he should make sure that this doesnt get that bad, i havnt been addmitted yet, but there have been times where my boyfriend has been ready to dial

    dont hey only refer ifall else fails?

  • No they can refer if they think you need more specialist treatment or a 2nd opinion it does not hurt to ask. Do you have an asthma specialist nurse at your practice it might be worth talking to them they will often suggest things you can do to help.


  • nah, my surgery doent have an asthma nurse and the doctors dont really seem to know very much about it, i'm going to ask, partly cos i want to confirm that i do definately have asthma, cos as i'm finding it so hard to get it under control, i'm having some doubts.

  • Ask to be referred to a chest consultant. I was in same boat as you and my GP has decided to refer me. I currently use salbutamol and beclometaslone 200 4 hrly though day and am waiting for 2nd appt at hospital. After my 1st I was totally unimpressed as thought I was going to feel better and get on with life as normal again but no such luck. Was told to leave inhalers as they are and do PF 4 x day which is a pain. Was told he was sending me for more spirometry tests and when hadn't had appt this week rang up only to be told they had lost it and it hadn't gone through.n Great.

    My advice is keep on at your GP and hop[efully you will get a referralb and get some answers.

    Good luck.

    Katharine x

  • thanks bex and katherine for your advice and ive also talked it over with my partner too, and all three of you have said the same thing, after easter i'm gonna call up and get an appointment and i'm going to request a refferal, and i will let you know what happens. pfs slightly better today at 330 l/min.

  • if i get the refferal, what can i expace to happen at the consultation?

  • if i get the refferal, what can i expace to happen at the consultation?

  • Hi Wendy

    At my first appt I had to have chest xray and spirometry tests done. then had to have a chat with dr who asked several questions about how I felt and any history of asthma. He also listened to my chest. I was there a couple of hours so be prepared. He sent me away for further spirometry tests which I go for tomorrow and to do PF 4x day and record it to take when I go back on 8th May. Nothing daunting but I didn't get any answers.

    Hope it goes well for you. Keep pushing and let me know how you get on.

    Katharine x

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