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Ive done it again

when will i learn lol, bike landed me in costa again. probably wouldnt have been so bad if i hadnt commenced my shift as normal before having to go in to a waiting room while my supervisor comes down to take me to a and e. suppose working in a hospital has its advantages.

soo after 2 rounds of nebs, high flow O2 and a hefty hydrocortisone injection, ive finally got home with pred for 5 days. Although me and doc were playing with my psp, he wanted one and he loved mine haha, that was cool

feeling sleepy now, any ideas on how to shift that groggy congested feeling?

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Was just wondering if you have MSN? Theres a group of about 8 of us that talk every night on msn, aged from 15-20 and we just wondered if you were up for a chat too?

Rachy xx


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