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White Gunk / Saliva? (Sorry for utterly vile title to posting)

Sorry for repulsive nature of question! Although this problem has been going on for a while, it has recently been getting a lot worse and is getting to be a real pain and quite revolting.

I am getting strings of a thick white substance in my mouth (not mucus /sputum - as in chest infection). I am coughing more than usual and often feel as though something is stuck in my throat BUT, even when I am not coughing, these quite solid white strings appear.

I used to be quite bad at rinsing my mouth out after using my steroid inhalers and, what was even worse, used the inhalers prior to taking tablets so swallowed the powder residue down with the tablet water. I have recently started rinsing my mouth out well and cleaning my teeth after inhaler use but this does not seem to be helping much. I know it is nothing to do with dental problems as I have regular check-ups and visit the hygienist every three months (and in fact was only there last week).

I have noticed that the problem is worse over night when, obviously, I am not drinking so it could be medication related but I wondered if anyone else has suffered with this because it is really getting me down. I don't know if it is to do with my inhalers but I have been on the same asthma meds for about 4 years now so can't see why it would be? Help - anyone?

I am due to see my GP in three weeks and will mention it to him but thought I would ask here first in case it is a common occurrence to do with ""gunk on the chest"". I seem to be suffering more with the feeling of ""something"" there this year than I ever have done before and have recently been prescribed Mucodyne - not to sure about those as present as have only had tabs for a few days and have had v. upset stomach since taking them.

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worth checking with GP in case you have thrush and you need treatment for it.


It could be post nasal drip, which would be allergy related.


I wondered that as well Katherine, that it might be oral thrush. You could try oraldene from the chemist (mint flavour best) as its pretty yucky, or daktocort.



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