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chest tightness

I'm not asking for any sort of medical advise - its not urgent, I'm just wondering and I'll ask my cons when I see him next.

I've been thinking I think I've only ever had a couple of attacks where I've had tightness in certain areas, most of the time its the general tightness. when others have attacks, do they get general chest tightness, to the point it feels like someone's trying to crush their ribs more than they get tightness in a certain area of their chest?

I hope this makes sense, thank you for any replies.

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For the last week my chest has felt like a baby elephant was sat on it. Last time i was like this 999 ambulance my peak flow is 400 when i Saw my asthma nurse today looking at putting me on a nebuliser if fostair dont work in simple terms get it checked better to be safe than sorry.


When I have an attack it feels like my whole chest is being crushed and I can't get air. My husband and daughter both complain of pain at the front central part, around the sternum. Not sure if that's muscular though due to the coughing.


Sometimes I get Nellie - ie a lot of pressure just at the front. Sometimes it's just at the back and will often feel like my ribs are being pushed together but only there. And sometimes - as in the last few days - it's my old friend Steve the boa, who squeezes all the way round!

I have yet to work out what causes these different feelings.


I normally get a tight chest with the asthma and it feels tight all over. I have had a raised hemidiaphram and this was pain and tightness just above the kidney and into the lower part of the lungs...


yep get tightness Nellie and also pulled ribs due to coughing


Chest tightness,

Try getting a tape measure, measure around your ribcage before and after taking an inhaler.

My ribcage (not chest) increases by on average 2 inches after taking an inhaler



I had my worse asthma attack ever on Tuesday. 53% of normal peak flow. Have antibiotics and pred, but I have Nellie on my chest.

Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions on how to shift her? Have been taking paracetamol for pain, reliever inhaler and doubling up on my 500 seretide. May be over doing it but want to return to work. (I am a bus driver and can't drive with Nellie.)

Help please


I only ever have tightness all over like something heavy is pushing against my chest up against a wall and it's not allowing me to breathe in.


Hi Jacqui!

Sorry to hear about your attack.

I'm afraid that I always just have to wait for these symptoms to pass as for me its usually muscular.

Take care x


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