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I wonder if anyone can give me info on this? Basically I do quite a lot of sports and my current inhaler doesn't seem to last me when I'm exercising and end up really tight chested and short of breath. I'm currently on ventolin and is fine when I'm just doing normal stuff but not when I'm exercising. I'm going to see asthma nurse next week but someone mentioned oxis to me. Just wondered if anyone has any experience with this?


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Oxis is a long acting bronchodilator like serevent. It isn't an instant reliever as far as I know though the same drug is used in Symbicort along with a steroid which can be used now as a reliever.

It is used as an add on . Are you using a steroid inhaler?

You may need to add on or step up preventer inhalers which should reduce the amount of ventolin and make it last longer too!



Exercise-induced asthma is often a sign of poor underlying asthma control.

Your profile states you're on seretide, so you're already on a long-acting bronchodilator (this is the serevent component of seretide - the other is fluticasone, a corticosteroid). Oxis is simply another long-acting bronchodilator.

Worth discussing with your asthma nurse/doctor to see if there is something else you can add in to provide you with control when exercising. Things that are touted as being good for exercise-induced asthma are montelukast (singulair), the cromones (e.g. sodium cromoglycate) and sometimes theophylline. It may first be worth seeing if you can increase your dose of seretide first, as this may improve your control without the need for additional medications.


Hi smithy,

I take oxis but as is already said it is another long-acting broncho-dilator. i had the same problem with exercise induced asthma and now take ventolin and intal 30 minutes pre-exercise. It is administered through an insufflator (spin-haler type of device). It doesn't solve the problem completely but exercise is a lot easier now. At least I can run in short bursts without my lungs spasming too much.



Thanks for that guys I hadn't heard of it before and probably isn't going to solve any of my problems. I was upped a few months ago to seretide 250 but that doesn't seem to have helped when it comes to sport. I take ventolin 30mins prior to exercise but I still struggle during a match as I play hockey and football



Just wondered if anyone could answer this coz haven't had apt with nurse yet. I don't want to take anymore medication than I am now unless it is absolutely necessary and as my asthma seems to be under control at the mo apart from when I exercise I would rather not. Would swapping from ventolin to bricanyl make any difference when exercising?




no i dont think changing to bricanyl will make any difference but i would suggest y6ou might talk to nurse about going onto montelukast/ singulair, it is liscensed for exercise induced asthma, it really helps mine,

give it a try

george xx


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