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Just signed up here.

Thought i would share my experiences:

Was diagnosed with asthma in 1987...and since then my asthma has been a rollacoaster ride...sometimes mild other times bad.

I am a keen sportsman and love playing football and rugby...i have been adimant that asthma wouldnt stop me playing...

I have learnt to control my atsthma to a point now were (touch wood) it is now at a very mild state.

I use a bricanyl inhaler but have not used this for some time. Sometimes i take it just becasue i am used to taking it when training...not because of my asthma.

You can really learn to control your asthma yourrself by reading about it and trying methods to control it.

One method i use is using an aloe ver gel drink...i came across it on the internet after doing some research on asthma and read about the benefits aloe vera can have and was amazed that after about 6 weeks i could feel the benefits.

if you want some of the information i have picked up please just send a reply on here.

Do any of you use any other methods?

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well no replies!!! :-(

i guess i'll post up a useful website i found.

Hopefully some of you will find it useful:

the website is: flpaloeveranutrition.co.uk

There is quite a bit of info regarding this and asthma

Do any of you use any other methods to control your asthma?


hi ricardo ,

that aloe vera drink does work but sadly not for everyone

my gran uses it and it helps her no end

but i am glad you have found something that works for you and your asthma.

hi and welcome to the site




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