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Why do i feel so poorly and exhausted after exercise!!!!!

Hi everyone

For the 1st time in ages i felt really well the past few days, so i decided Mmmmm im going to go for a swim as i haven't been for weeks. Feeling good about myself i did 30 lenghts at my local swimming pool. I know that sounds alot but before i had asthma i use to do 50 lenghts twice a week. Today i feel terrible, weak, aching chest ( but not tight) so so tired to the point fell asleep on the sofa for 2 hours this afternoon with the kids running around.

Why oh why when we ever try and do some form of exercise, instead of feeling good we suffer the next day.

Might as well stay in all day eating chocolate and put more weight on.

Anyone else have the same problem?

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Oh yes! Not as much as I used to (before I had some medication that worked half an hour's very slow walking with breaks had me wiped out for the rest of the day and some of the next).

But tried to go to the gym just before New Year - thought I should use my membership. Couldn't even manage the adapted form of the 'rookie' workout - was so out of breath afterwards for ages, dragged myself home and was absolutely knackered! I want to try going again but really worried the same thing will happen...but I'm paying for it so feel I should use it! Oh well, got some good gym tips from here so will try to use them.

Hope you feel less knackered soon.



Oh thanks and hope all goes well for you with your hospital appointment. Let hope they can help you.


If you think about it, when you're exercising, your muscles are demanding more oxygen to carry out respiration. (Cellular respiration to provide fuel for movement, not breathing-type respiration.) If you're asthmatic, your lungs aren't working as efficiently, and your muscles aren't getting the oxygen they need so you're more likely to carry out anaerobic respiration, which has lactic acid as a byproduct, which makes muscles ache.

The tiredness also will be because there's just not enough oxygen getting to all the bits that need it!


Thanks Nicky! I hope your referral to the RBH gets sorted soon and they can help you.

And thanks queerpup. Good to know why though mind you makes things no less annoying. I suppose at least I know it's not all me being unfit, even if I am also unfit...


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