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Over the past week or so I have had problems with my appetite. I had a nasty experience a couple of weeks ago where I admittedly over ate (Chiquitos, couldn't help it) and breathing became difficult afterwards. But now I'm eating no more than sandwich a day and I'm having to force that down myself. I'm not sure if the over eating has put me off or its the weather being warm, I don't know. But even eating small amounts is having a stupidly big impact on my breathing, does anyone else suffer from these problems? Have any tips?

Tks xxxx

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Hi Tks,

I don’t have a problem with my appetite, unless taking pred, then appetite totally disappears, but do have a problem with the amount of food I eat. I can’t eat ‘big’ meals anymore, the sort you have when eating out, aka three courses, just become extremely SOB. At home I can eat ‘one course’ a main meal without too many problems, as long as the portions are well… not large. But I do eat little and often throughout the day with lots of fluids.( Just messed up my keyboard with a combination of cambazola cheese on a cracker that sort of crumbled over everything. Ooops)

Drinking lots of water helps me re appetite, digestion, but most importantly chronically dry lung feeling and SOB. But again little and often. Could be worth a try

Eating sandwiches can cause bloating, because bread is a starchy carbohydrate and the yeast etc can provoke a feeling and/or symptoms of indigestion and bloating let alone the fillings.

Have noticed that flatbreads or unleavened – the sort you get on ‘wrappy’ type pitta sandwiches doesn’t cause SOB.

Mia x


Heya hunny, i agree with mia on the bread side, its starchy, dry and stodgy and tends to upset me. I think the loss of appitite is like you said prob psychological or also as your really run down and poorly at the mo that cant help? I also have trouble breathing when had big meal, its the pressure of a strethched stomach on your lungs.

Best advice like lia said is little and often, medically maxalon is an anti sickness and a gastric empyier so it speeds stuff through rather than it sitting in belly?

Love Andrea xxx


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