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Hello Darlings!

Has anyone else recently been taken off the Beclomethasone inhaler and been prescribed Clenil Modulite instead? I only ask because every time I go to the pharmacy they never have it in stock and have to order it in and I have to wait for flippin' days to get it. It's really tedious picking up half of my prescription the time I put it in and then having to hang around for the pharmacy to phone days later when the Clenil Modulite comes in. I always have a small supply of preventer medication around anyway but it's annoying.

My GP says that the CM inhaler is now widely available but not one pharmacy I've been to in Plymouth over the last 8 weeks or so have had it in stock. One woman in Boots (I hate Boots at the best of times!) looked down her nose at me when I asked he why it was so hard to get hold of and said they can't keep everything in stock - but surely as CM is now a regularly prescribed preventer inhaler (apparently) why does no one stock it? Becotide seems to be everywhere but my GP took me off it as apparently it is being withdrawn - or possibly just the 200 as that's the dose I take.

Anyone else having difficulties? It's driving me mad!!!!!!!

Much love, Fluffy. x x x

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I have also been changed to Clenil Modulite. I do use Boots for my prescriptions, but becuase i always use them they now make sure they always have some in stock especially as I said that those who can't take Qvar are likely to be changed to this one. Try using the same pharmacy every time and they will soon get to know what your ususal repeats are and make sure they are in stock ready for your regular repeat time. If they do need to order it it should be in by the next morning. I don't know Plymouth are very well but am not that far away in Torbay.



If you can find a good chemist and stick with them maybe you can show them your repeat and how often its needed and then they can get one in? or when you out you request in with the gp ring them and telll them so they can order in advanve?

andrea xx


Just a wee note to say hi Fluff!! …been missing your cheeky humour ;-)

Take hair,



Moi? Cheeky? How very dare you Deek!

How's the wig collection?

I have missed your comedy moments too and hope you're well. x

Many thanks for your replies folks. I used to use one sepcific Boots but they never have the flippin' inhaler in no matter how many times I tell them I'll need one every month. They really are the pits!

I got through 4 Salbutamol inhalers last month - I hate this rain. It's my worst time of the year. I demand something is done about global warming at once!

Damn the Clenil Modulite!

Damn the rain!

Damn Boots pharmacy!

Damn the government!

Anyone got any chocolate?

x x x


Hey Fluffy i have chocolate, a rather yummy Lindt chocolate bunnie that came free with my new cup! Dr Deek has a rather fetching chocolate wig, suits you sir!

But we have no inhalers, Boots say we don't do duvets or Clenil inhalers.

Fluffy put your harsh face on and insist that they order it for you in advance. Don't they know who you are, go fluffy, go fluffy tell them chuck. Then eat chocolate lots of it, its very good for stress xx


Thanks Lois.

I must say I am planning to throw a huge hissy fit if they don't have it the next time I go in. It's outrageous.

I plan to ask nicely if they have it before they doodle all over my prescription rendering it useless to take anywhere else and than if they haven't got it I'm going to tut loudly and bellow:


and see if that makes a difference. My hopes aren't high but it'll make a change to cause a scene and wipe the smug smirk of that witch in Boots' face. Talk about giving people too much power. Every time I see that bouffant and those horn-rimmed glasses I go all shiverry and wonder what would happen if she were Prime Minister. It doesn't bear thinking about.

I want an Easter Egg! Anyone got one already who'd like to share nicely?

I'm also advertising for a nice man. All offers considered. Feeling lonely. Sniff.

Much love everyone. Fluffy. x x x


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