Vic's Chest Rub

I know this sounds to good to be true but we have been using this

over the last week both front and back at night and my daughter (Brittle currenly

on step down 5mg steriod and xolair programme) has said it is helping.

Maybe it's the combination of things coming together or who knows?

My little tub of Vics could be giving her a better rest at night.

Please somebody else try it and see what you think?

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  • It is probably making her stuffy airways feel a little more comfy, it is probably working as an expectorant to help her cough and clear her airways. Probably a combination though of everything. Though Vicks Chest Rub is a useful store cupboard item in your medical box, great for allergies when used on itchy skin as well.

  • Hello

    Personally I find Vicks a tad too strong and I end up coughing even more. I use Karvol oil from the chemist on a tissue. If your daughter would llike something a bit gentler and nicer smelling in my opinion, give it a try.

    Best Regards.

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