Asthma 10K Run Photos

HI all,

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that took part today, the weather was perfect and we had a good turn out of runners.

I managed to take just over 200 photos there and have managed to get I think everyone of the childrens race and most people that were in Asthma UK tops in the main run.

My photos of the main run and the K-Asthma Team are already up on my online gallery.



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  • Hi Pete, good photos!!

    I've uploaded a few of ours to my photobox album:

  • Hey well done everyone !!!!!

    Can anyone put any names to faces for us who dont know em at all ?????

  • Team Photo:

    Back Row - my big bro, Rich.

    Middle Row: - Sarah, Daz, Cathy R, Nik (little mouse), Lou and Ross (Wizross).

    Front Row: - Kate, Cathy F (CathBear), Lyndsay (titch), Emily.

  • Thanks Cathy

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