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mobility scooter

I am considering getting a travel mobility scooter and was wondering if anyone here has any experience baout buying them?

I have been on the motobility site which was very helpful but would love to have a more personal input.

I need one that can go in my car boot but also has a strong battery as i live on a hill and it needs to be able to get up that! im currently looking at the pride go go traveller elite.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Hopalong,

I know this isn't exacly what you was asking but it may be helpful to you. Try asking round as you may find one like that as elderly people tend to sell them as they pass away or can't use them anymore. Also look in local papers, but ive found word of mouth is good. I know its obvious but measure your car boot to make sure they fit and the space if you store it indoors, also check weight so its manageable. Check things like servicing prices, parts availability, maintentance etc. I you have a mobility shop near you look there and try and see if you can test run the models you like and compare them, the staff are really good and you can find which models are popular and which have probs etc. Also you will probably find the local shopping centre will have mobility scooters and you can hire one out and have a play with it and see how easy it is manoevering and using controls/ getting in and out. Have tried amazon or argos? as they do reviews it gives you an idea of probs, reliability and how reliable etc they are.

Hope you find the right scooter, when you do you'll wonder how you managed without it

Good luck



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