Oh pooo

Well I had it all planned going VIP to see Meat Loaf on Friday down at Home Park, was hoping being there early I could bat my eyes at someone and get them to get me to the stage door so I could get the great mans autograph or at least close enough to smell him and due to the credit crunch no VIP packages they have been cancelled, I can still go and I get good seats but I can't see me getting to the stage door now :(

Ah well at least I will be there (I have not told lungs they think I am spending Friday night in bed)


feeling a bit mis

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  • I saw Meat Loaf a few years back, I mate was second in the q and had a choice of the whole of Cardiff Arena, he chose A10 to A14, when we got there we had the speakers right in front of us and a female steward laughed as she put her ear plugs in. He was brill thou, are you going to Argyle ground?

  • Yes it is at Argyle, very useful as the the same 1st aid team who are there for the football will be on duty I am a season ticket holder. I am fingernail gripping to make it to Friday. At least it the excitement gets too much they know me (although that is not always a good thing).


  • oooo Asthma and a pilgrim, can it get any worse lol. I was in Plymouth about 3 weeks ago, my family live there!!!!

  • There is nothing wrong with being a Pilgrim. I have my season ticket for next season have already planned which away matches I am attending and have been asked by the medical team to let them know which matches I intend going on splat during so they can draft in another Dr and bring a change of pants:) As I told them before there is no need to worry I don't ""do"" drama and besides I still have a 100% unsplatted record at 40 and I have been 40 for 3 days now :)

    Next time you are down let me know we can meet for a coffee or something.



  • I will be down for the away game and its my mates birthday as well!!!! Are you coming to Cardiff for the game.

    I've had problems with Asthma 3 times at football, the tottenham game which I mentioned. At Llandudno for a cup game in the rain which my mates sorted me out, and Rochdale well the inhalers did there jobs.

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