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Another swine flu question - sorry

How long after 1st symptoms are you infectious and is this affected by taking tamiflu. On tuesday Josh was showing swine flu symptoms high temp etc and had been well exposed to it through his elder brother and because of his health issues was immediatly started on tamiflu, today he is much better and wants to know if he can go to his aunts 90th birthday bash on Sunday.



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Hi Bex

I dont know definate answer for you but would presume it would be a silimar incubation time as other viruses - so would guess at 7-10 days to be on the safe side. Glad he did OK with the swine flu - most people i know who have been given the tamiflu who did have flu like symptoms with worsening asthma have seemed to do really well bouncing back fairly quickly and unscaithed so lets hope that it is all media hype and that the rest of us will all fair the same.

*(its difficult when facing such unknowns tho so please before anyone shoots me down for playing it down im not really - im just as worried as everyone else its just very reassuring to hear that a lot of the other vulnerable folks out there who have caught it have been ok - i am aware its different to have presumed and confirmed cases too...)*

Hopefully cathy or someone else with a medically background will give you a better more accurate timescale bex but if not id give it 7-10 days just to be on the safe side and avoid unnecessary risk to his 90 year old aunt.

Have you managed to stay quarentined bex or have you been overcome by the curly tail n snout too??? I hope you are manageing to steer clear of it all and your staying as well as you can!!

Oh also (guarding my ankles just in case!!) lol!! :-D

HTH Take care lv Kat Xxx


Hi Kat, I have been taking tamiflu since my PDiL (prospective daughter in law) Hannah was confirmed as having it and am still knocking them back as one tablet will only give 24 hours protection.



Hi Bex,

I am suffering from swine flu and luckilly it was mild but still have been in bed for 7 days not moving and sleeping non-stop. I am awake to try and eat something and will be back in bed in about 10 mins as struggling.

I have been told that 2 days after temp stays down for 48hrs and no symptoms at all is when you are not contagus any more. Not sure if this involes cough and stuff cause if so i think i will be in quarintine for a long long time. So 48 hrs after being 100% then wait another 48 hrs. But this is what i was told, diferent people have different opinions.

Hope all your lot are feeling better soon.

(the funny thing is this flu doesn't seem as contagus as seasonal flu as my mum has been with me 24 hours since last sat and not got it and no one in my family has, they say it doesn't hit everyone in the family)

(also it seems to hit different people in different way from the point of no symptoms and not knowing youu have it to being very very poorly. I also do wonder how much worse the hype is making things as people are, according to my gp, lying about there symptoms as there not swabbing anymore, to just get tamiflu so they don't get it, so the numbers of people ill arn't very accurate.)



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