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Natural Organic Yoghurt for Oral Thrush

I am loathe to post cures here and don't worry it is not for asthma, but I find nebs often leave me with oral thrush especially if I have a bit of neb fest. I have taken to eating a pot of natural organic yoghurt for breakfast and the thursh has not re-appeared. I have tried several times not having it for for a while and it comes back, and then using it and it goes away again. Anyway just a thought for those plagued by oral thrush and who can eat milk based products.


ps it says on the pot probiotic I don't know if that makes a difference or not

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girls only!

I can second that, Bex - I have also used it for persistent vaginal thrush, which sometimes is very hard to get rid of even with fluconazole, which I don't like to take too often anyway. If I'm on oral antibiotics I find that a generous splodge of live natural yoghourt on a tampon, a couple of times a day, just keeps the thrush at bay!


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