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Kwikfit will come to your house and change your tyres? I had the C8 (motorbility car) serviced yesterday and they recommended 2 new front tyres so I called kwik fit who said someone will be around tomorrow to fit them and they did, turned up put the tyres on I signed on the line. Saved having to go out and sit around in a grotty waiting room that stinks of urine (all male staff and their loo is opposite)

So any other did you knows that it might be worth passing on.


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  • useful info bex. tend to go to national tyres as they do NHS discount and tesco points but will bear that in mind next time need tyres.

  • The free home service only applies to motorbility cars I would have thought they charge a fortune for the service otherwise.


  • Thanks for that Bex,

    I have had problems sitting in the waiting area with the overpowering odour of latex / rubber tyres ( Latex sensitive)- usually sat on the wall outside!

    will remember in future.


  • Kate, you need to ask for their mobile service or you can call the mobile service direct I would post the number here but you must have a motorbility car and I am worried others might dial it and get stung for a huge bill. PM me if you want the number. I have written on the little credit card information thing they put in with the tax disc for future use.


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