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I was thinking about the comments in parents and carers about kids getting to meet footballer players who they admire and wondering what there was a wish foundation out there for kids and adults with severe asthma. I know there various charities out there which deal with kids and adults with ""terminal conditions"" but is there one aimed at giving people with severe asthma (I am talking about whose lives are compromised etc) a day out or little treat to brighten there moments?


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I not sure if there is one but maybe we should start one hmmm I ownder how u go about doing that!!! Well it could be an idea if someone wanted to do something with there spare time.



If there is nothing I know some people who might know about doing this sort of thing...



Hi Bex,

Try contacting Patrick Ladbury of AUK cos he is the Kids & holiday person etc.

He may be able to suggest something... He has managed to get some celebs to visit the KickAsthma (PEAK) holidays in the past.

His e-mail is or contact Nina as he is away for a week ( me htinks) on

Good lukck




Sean has been refered twice by the local hospital to wish foundations and refused twice. The first time the local con said there wasnt a box to tick for sean's asthma problems on the form so he wasnt ill enough. The second time the foundation didnt even acknowledge the referal.

I guess it boils down to the fact that unfortunatly people dont realise the impact asthma can have on some peoples lives. Sean has spent 7 out of 10 birthdays in hospital and last xmas and new year he was in as well, and i dont know how he does it but he didnt moan once! Christmas day he was lying in bed on iv everthing,loads oxygen and says ' theres no point moaning about being in hospital cos i cant change it '

It would be great if there was a foundation for asthmatics children and adults.

Bex, Sean has apt on tuesday at RBH, i'll try and stick head in for five mins to say hi. Will have to see how he is on tues though cos he struggling with heat. Hope u are doing ok :) xx


Hmmm Julie, that is awful and so not fair. Dream Wheezes anyone?



If you haven't tried the Willow Foundation, then I suggest you do write to them. WF was started by a husband and Wife who lost their teenage daughter to cancer. I know people with CF who have had their wishes come true. It is quite geared up towards teens, but I dare say, spelling it out like it is, and being parents themselves, they will take it all very much to heart.

The whole family needs a wish come true...asthma is never a one person illness.

I really hope you do have a go with contacting WF. Please let us know how you get on.

Sus xx


Make-a-wish foundation

Aaron had a new compluter from Make-a-wish, then he was a chef for a day in Leeds. Then!!!!! He was invited to be an extra on ""Al;fie"" he got to meet Jude Law (what a lovely man) He is now a patron of Make-a-wish. They are really lovely people and always keep in touch. Ypur child must live with a life threatening Illness and they are very thorough at checking what your child can or cannot experience. Aaron really whated to go sking- but hecannot stand the cold at all- nor is he allowed to fly, so the next best thing for him was a computer.

Get on their web-site and have a look!


Just quickly to clarify (thank you to those who have Pm'd) I am not looking for myself but was more wondering about what was out there for others who have the daily battle with ashtma. I have been truely inspired by some of the brave people I have meet through this forum I would like to think there was some way for them to have little treat every now and again.



It would be great if there was something in place!

I think the trouble is Asthma is underestimated. So many kids have it mildy Lucky them. But there seem's to be a lack of understanding towards the more sereve asthmatics.

Christopher would love to have our garden landscaped, as My huby has cancer and is unable to the garden anymore other than keep it tidy. We did approach the round table back in Jan but no relply. That is bad manner's.



try wish upon a star

My mum wrote to wish upon a star as a surprise, but she had to tell me because im 16 i had to sign for it, and think of 3 wishes. I had a reply and they said they got to talk to my con. A few weeks after they wrote again sayin they have spoke to my con but need to speak to him again and they would be in contact shortly, so just waitin for that. If you look on their website it will show you some stories and some holiday homes they have in florida only for wish upon a star patients. So hopefuly soon ill b jettin off to america or meetin David Beckham, ill say its worth a try.

Good luck



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