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Sainsbuys have now contracted out their car parking to a company called Euro Car Parks, there are 8 disabled spaces at the big Sainsburys near us. Because I need to get my wheelchair along side the car to get in and out if there were no disabled spaces I would use one of the ""many"" mother and child spaces as they also have space along side them whilst I appreciate that juggling children and getting your shopping into the car is tough I had 4 under 6 and there were no mother and child spaces then. I always try the disabled spaces first and will usually drive around a couple of times. What is even more galling is that to park in a Mother and Child slot you only need to have a child under the age of 12 with you so they are being used by people who in the past assumed they for mothers and toddlers.

Please be aware of this I waiting for the store manager to call me back but I am not holding out much hope. Please check when you park and if can use an ordinary space and don't need extra room think of us poor souls who do need that space.


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  • Bex,

    Also be aware that Euro Car Parks operate in some locations an ANPR camera, you get X amount of time free, then have to pay, but they've been charging customers even when they have left within the time, or even not been in the car park.

  • At the big sainsburys near me the disabled parking bays arent in the same part as the normal car parking, this is so that disabled people still get there free parking and there are more spaces for them as well. So check around the side of the store to see if this is the case at yours.


  • Plumie, there is only the area I know about. However, I have called the manager of Sainsbury Newton Abbot and he has promised if I get ticketed for parking in a mother and child space he will quash it. And yes the more you delve intoEuro Car Parks the murkier it gets.


  • Ooops!

    I slung my car in the baby places a couple of weeks ago as no spaces. though I did have a toddler booster seat lurking in the back.

    At my Local sainsburys there are over 20 spaces for disabled so most of the time I do get a space.

    The only down side is, that it is around the side of the supermarket and further to walk than from the main parking. I park in the main covered bit if it is raining, or very quiet (rare!!) sometimes otherwise shoping gets very wet! Will try to get an edge space too! (car door can open fully)

    I did highlight the fact to the supermarket that the disabled spaces were further away but they said they were within the guidelines! Well, just , if you get the closest space but any further, it is quite a trek and if there aren't any suitable small trolleys that side of the entrance you have to go out the other side to fetch one.

    Our big sainsburys carparks have been under Euro Car parks for some time.....


  • Bex- did they have the audacity to fine u - hope not.

    i recently had a run in with our local euro car park guy at our sainsburys who stood and watched me puff my way to the car(parked in the furthest disabled space. he then came over and demanded to see the photo on my blue badge and wanted to know why needed it -all the time he could see/hear that i was struggling to breathe and also that i dont walk normally! after checking my badge he suggested that next time i parked in a normal space as the disabled spaces are needed by peeps who need it!!

    I didnt have the puff to argue but instead got in the car and sat and nebbed as there was no way i could have safely driven without it!

    When i got home and filled hubby in he rang the store , spoke to the manager who was apologetic but did warn us that there has recently been a spate of blue badge thefts in the area - fair enuf but surely the p**t could see that i wasnt able to walk any distance, the manager did say if future if there was any probs just to contact him so thank goodness for sensible managers!!!

    Also if you park in a parent and child space in Tesco but have a blue badge let them know at the customer desk they are fine and will inform whoever is monitoring the car park.

  • sounds like you would be better off with tesco's here. free parking, and no one monitors them. disabled spaces right outside the store entrance, as they say ' every little helps'

  • Store manager called me and promised that if I ever got a ticket for parking in a mother and child section he would personally sort it out and has promised to let me have that in writting. He also asked how about they made the 10 spaces in the front wheelchair only and allocated the 20 mother and baby spaces into blue badge spaces they would be narrower but wider than ordinary spaces and moved the mother and bady slots further up. Actually they would work the mother and child spaces now have partial cover and once you are on the walk way total cover, ideal for the 65th Birthday blue badgers and the only difference being the mothers and children will have to walk a little further up the covered area but they would still have wider spaces. Sounds like a plan to me except I still get bloomin soaked loading and unloading!


  • I would go elsewhere if anyone else stocked Mrs Crimbles gluten and egg free bread - when they have it and they often don't and when they say they will it often does not come in.


  • Ooooh Bex do my eyes deceive me or is that a naughty little expletive in your post! Did you mean to say oh dear i get rather wet or i get a jolly good soaking, lol. Next time that new hat has an outing give it a little gentle reminder no swearing allowed. Lois - taking tongue out of cheek.

  • Lois, it is not even classed as foul langauge in the dictionary these days, it can be said before the watershed is allowed on childrens TV and movies are no longer PG if it is used, I don't think I used an expletive, however, I have removed it as it obviously caused you offence. Beleive me a wet wheelchair cushion wet knees and rain dripping down your neck is not ""jolly"". Next time just drop me a PM.


  • Ooo Bex, naughty, editing posts LOL

    I agree though, nothing wrong with your choice of vocabulary. I was taught if the words in the dictionary it's usable, and most words are in, so what the heck!

    Addendum. ..Seriously, could we keep topics of conversation on topic, and moaning off public display. Sorry Bex for nicking your hat and broomstick, you can have it back now LOL

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