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i am going to benidorm on Tuesday and as my chest as i mind of its own i went to see doc yesterday to see if he could give me sumat to take with me, he decided to give me some steroids and has said take them when i get tight chested or whenever i feel i need them. can anyone help should i take some before i go away or wait till i get there also if i take some and my chest feels better next day should i not take any more , he has only gave me 30 tabs so that's not enough to last me anyway, can you get some over there. hope someone can help cos he was no help at all


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I'd wait and see if you need them

I would wait and see if your chest is ok, as it might be!!

Only take the steroids if you really feel that you need them. Then is sounds like your GP has given you enough to take 5 days worth of 30mg, which is known as a rescue course.

The other thing to remember is that when on Steroids your skin will be very sun sensitive.

Have a great holiday



just got back from Benidorm didn't not have to take steroids at all , chest behaved itself for a change, did not take a lot of Ventolin either, but since i have got back in England chest seems a little tight ,do you think chest is getting used to new weather change as it has been 36 in Spain and it is not that here am frozen. thanks for listening to me



I Can never understand why when blowing 260 should stop me from walking very far without pain in the lungs and they also seem to stop moving like as if they are going to stop . I see a lot of people on this website and in society seem to live a so called near as normal life at that level of peak flow. I should be around 550 but have copd as well. A friend works full time at garden centre and only blows 150. i find it very frustrating and also frightening as well. the only time i get going is on 40 mg of steroid but they blow me up like a balloon. Is this normal.


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