been to hospital today for breathing tests. had a number of tests done which included nitric oxide test think its called that. anyway after all tests were done the fella who had done them said that most of my results were showing 100% to 105% and nitric test test showed no sign of struggling lungs. so if im hitting so high on tests why does my lungs have to behave so badly. i am beginning to think its all in my head i just don't no anymore. i do have a bronchoscopy on Fri cant wait to see what that shows up prob nowt. fed up now xxxxx rant over xxx

Jill xxxx

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  • Hi Jill,

    I'm in the same position - bit annoying isn't it! Lungs generally not happy, but lung function tests suggest they're superlungs, over 100%! It is possible though to have that and something still be going on, especially if you've done anything in the past which might have improved your lung function - a lot of sports, singing, playing the trumpet etc? With me it's singing and oboe, and I always tell them now so they know why, not sure if they listen though.

    Good luck with your bronchoscopy. I've had one, didn't show anything (typical!) I started a thread before mine so you can search if you want some 'real' experiences or PM me if there's anything you want to ask. Mine was fine.

  • Hi Jill, I share your puzzlement over the strange behaviour of our lungs. Many a time I've dragged myself to GP feeling really bad, only to be told the lungs are clear and peakflow not too bad. It's just like my lungs go into a total 'grump'!! Sorry, not much help but just wanted to express my sympathy.

  • its so annoying isnt it. i have had problems with my lungs since i was 4 and i am 48 now i know i struggle with my breathing but now i wonder if im going mad xxxxx

  • Nope, there's several of us in the same position! We're not going mad though it can feel like it sometimes.

  • hI Jilll

    I've had this a couple of times to and really do understand how annoying it can be, I had of loads of lung function tests, etc done a couple of years ago none of which showed anything, I have also been to my doctor a few times feeling awful only to be told my chest is lovely and clear! it really is a mystery isn't it! hope you feel better soon.


  • No you're not going mad. I've had asthma all my life (now 53) and it's a variable and difficult illness to live with - and to treat. Hang on in there and good luck (is that the right expression??) for the bronchoscopy on Friday.

  • Hope your bronch goes well. I had one recently and it was fine. Had 24 hours of oxygen afterwards (I was inpatient anyway) as I couldn't keep my sats up, but otherwise it was no bother at all.

    The lung function tests might just be normal because you were in between attacks? I find that my lung function is fine when I'm well (or better than normal, as yours was). My peak flow varies massively, even over the course of a single day - big morning dips, and then improvement during the course of the day. Don't lose heart or doubt yourself!

  • Were you actually feeling symptomatic when you had the tests done? I know my lung function even when I feel good can be a bit variable and sometimes over 100% of predicted!

    Sounds like you are getting the right sort of test done- hope you get some answers soon.

    Wishes- my consultant said once, when I was please that my lung function was good, that my lung function today was not a good predictor of what it would be tomorrrow, next week or next month! I was quite tempted to ask why we bother measuring it then!


  • Hi I had this test the other week felt fine at the time although had used reliever inhalaor just before test. My cons said that its common for asthmatics to show normal lung results when they are well. It would only show if they gave you a trigger and started an attack. They can do the same test but get you to take a drug that starts your lungs into spasm if its asthma. I had that test and got a positive result and the test was stopped early because I went down hill so quickly. Maybe you should see if they do that although I can't remember what its called sorry. Hoping everything goes well tomorrow for you x

  • i have been feeling fine this week which is typical int it when you need your lungs to be like they normally are. i am getting myself in a right state for tomorrow which i know is not helping matters at all. but i suppose its the fear of the unknown that does that is doing that. will let you know how i get on tomoz xxxxxx

  • well i have had camera down today and all they found was a little bit of puss in bottom of my lungs so i have to wait till i see consultant on 1st of august to see what plan of action is now. i have to say that my experience of the camera were bloody horrible my throat is killing me, top of my mouth is all cut and i feel all dopey from sedation but my hubby says i'm always dopey so no change there. cheeky sod he is. hope everyone is feeling well and doing ok. love to you all

    jill xxxxx

  • Sorry you didn't have a good experience Jill esp after telling you it would be fine - sorry! But it does vary and guess is worse for some than others. Did they go in through your nose or mouth? Have heard mouth is worse for throat afterwards. The dopey feeling should wear off soon though. Did they give you any tips on helping out throat - excuse to eat ice cream perhaps? ;)

    At least you haven't got too long to wait for your appt - let us know how it goes! 100% in sympathy with you for not knowing what's going on and the frustration of it all - makes you want to climb the walls, if that were possible.

  • they went in through my nose but somehow my throat is cut and roof of my mouth. think i will send my hubby down to shop for some ben and jerrys mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Enjoy! What flavour? I bought some choc fudge brownie B&J's before mine and it was lovely even though I didn't have a sore throat.

    Hope you feel better soon. xx

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