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i have asthma and so does my daughter, but she is desperate for a dog and i wondered if there was a dog out there which is suitable for asthmatics, i think i have read somewhere that there is a dog with fur similar to human hair or have i been dreaming, i have told kids i will buy them a lovely pot dog to put on fireplace but they aren't too happy about that, kids who'd have em ,, ME xxx

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I've never heard of a dog with human type hair. The dog that guide dogs usually give to asthmatics are labradoodles (a labrador crossed with a poodle) as they are less likely to malt and less stubborn than a standard poodle. They also use curly coat retrievers. All these breeds are supposed to malt less. Personally I find I'm not allergic to the hair but I am allergic to the dust and dander that she brings in on it. I groom Sandie every day (she is a labrador) and that keeps the hair and the dust and dander down. My brother on the other hand cannot touch her as his eyes swell up and his nose starts dripping.

Research the breeds and maybe see if you and your kids could go and meet some (maybe at a breeder or something) and see how you all get on.


different dogs produce different allergens (proteins) - the main allergen from doggies I think is the saliva that is licked onto the fur and then shed around. It will depend on which dog protein you are allergic to - I am allergic so some dogs but not others, not sure which ones though but long hairy things cause me problems.

Is she OK around dogs in other peoples homes? Visiting a variety of homes with dogs may be a way of seeing which ones are OK but check with your GP first!!!



I agree with everything that has been said - I have read about different breeds etc - I am quite lucky, I have always had collies and been fine. I currently have one collie and one greyhound - I have had dogs and horses all my life so dont know whether I am kind of resistant?


Greyhounds are often reported to be good. I had a rescue girly for 6.5 years and never had a problem, neither did my two sons who have grown up with asthma (and her). Greyhounds have short, fine hair which is sleek and will not trap much dirt, dust etc. They do not moult much at all either.

There are always plenty needing new homes and they do not need a great deal of exercise, so if you are unwell they don't mind a lazy day on the sofa!

Good luck in your doggy hunt!


My friend has done alot of research into 'allergy free dogs' as she has a little one who is a wheelchair user and allergic to most things!

She wanted to get her a dog as she is limited in the amount of activity she can do and spends alot of time indoors. She found out that some dogs have human type fur and don't malt. She bought her a cross between a spitzu and a lahsa apso and have had no probs at all.

Have a look, I think it is the lahso apso that has that human type hair. I also read somewhere that yorkies do as well.

Hope this helps


Bichon Frise

My sister has one of these. They're a small dog with non-shedding very curly hair (can look a bit comical) therefore minimal allergic reaction. They are very friendly, can get a bit hyper but easy to exercise and tire out quickly. They are pedigree so can expensive to buy and look after especially as a show dog with grooming to look like a powderpuff. Can be a great companion if indoors a lot too. Hope you find the right dog for you anyway!


Yorkshire Terriers

Hi we have got a yorkshire terrier and she is adorable and nice natured we had her from a breader when she finnished with her pups. and Is good because they dont malt and fur is very like our own hair and we brush her and have her cut like we have our hair cut.That breed is good for asthmatics and alergy sufferes. hope this helps into you getting and finding the right dog for you both from groovy chick.


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