am i dreaming


Well i am shocked today. After my now old gps comments yesterday i have changed gps. I went today to fill the paper work in and explain how i have asthma which is not under control. I was mouth to the ground at this point after my appointment as being new to them i will be booked in to see the asthma nurse there within 1-2 weeks. As my new gps is the nhs walkin centre i hot to see a gp there and explained about my latest attack and how i have just changed to them as my gp to which he said it will be on my notes that i need an asthma nurse appointment and that the current meds im on are not working effectivly and the asthma nurse will play round with my meds as much as they can. Mouth cant come back to normal at this point. Am i dreaming this

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  • Sounds good to me - looks like you've made a good move!

  • its still a shock have never had a plan on what they want to do

  • Just shows (yet again) how surgeries/doctors can vary. Good luck and I hope you get things sorted.

  • yeah i hope they do but they have more nebs there if i need them

  • That's great. I quickly know who's better to see at my practice. Some places definately better than others. Have you complained or talked to the practice manager at your last GP? My GP has just gone off on maternity leave suddenly/early I think :( though seeing asthma nurse again soon and need to figure what doc next.

  • the rest of my family are still with my old gps and dont want to make it diffecult for them at the practice which is why i changed but i just cant belive how much they want to help me.

  • Fair enough. You could mention it informally and say why you changed so doesn't affect others in future. I was surprised to get them straight away on the phone when trying to sort out Choose and Book options and couldn't get nearest NHS treatment centre for ENT. They were quite good and sorted it out when secretary didn't cos correct option wasn't selected basically.

  • the new place im at knows why i changed but i dont like to complain about things when it comes to me but other family members i will complain for - im like my mum. plus it hasnt stopped the parents of the dr i saw being nasty.

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