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why does every day start good and end up bad

today started out really good my pf was slightly down but otherwise i felt great. In my house we have had a test run for a dog which was nice but i suddenly start with a maigraine take my tablets for that and then have to go out. Im walking slowly and my chest goes tight. Right when im thinking this is great im not needing my reliver for the first time in 2 weeks i will be ok to go dancing tomorrow. Why does this always happen



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Hi Amanda.

it doesn't seem right that things can fall apart so quickly, especially if you're doing all the right things and being careful. I've just had 2 symptom free days myself, but once I got to work this morning I started coughing again so I know how you're feeling, and you've had the added disappointment of not being able to go out dancing tomorrow.

I hope you start to feel better quickly.



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