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Bit of a rant

Hi all,

Hope we are doing as well as we possibly can. Sorry if this comes across as a rant (but sometimes it's good to express yourself isn't it?) Anyway, to cut a long story short, I've been having terrible trouble with my asthma over the last few days. I've constantly got a tight chest, can barely walk to the end of the road without feeling out of breath and I'm so worn out. My colleagues have started to notice and I can't let it affect my job because I teach children every day. I've had endless courses of Predisolone and it help...I'm beginning to think I'm immune to it. I've tried so many different inhalers but to no avail. The doctor is running out of ideas too. What else can I do?

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I think a rant every now and again is good for everyone. Also been having a rough few days :( but luckily colleagues haven't noticed - I know what you mean about not affecting work, I've been off enough already for appts and ENT surgery.

What inhalers & doses have you tried & are currently on? Your profile lists quite a few I assume you have tried but are not taking all of them now? I have also had quite a few changes especially this year since cold/flus from last Christmas with minor short lasting improvements from increasing to Seretide 500, short courses prednisolone but think the best came from Atrovent inhaler I started a few months ago alongside ENT surgery for sinusitis/deviated septum. It is frustrating especially as always told typical atopic i.e. allergic person but allergy blood test showed nothing. Spirometry was normal but this could be because I felt fine at the time.

Have had a referral now due to being on max medication from GP and mixed response to steroids and the consultant suggested dysfunctional breathing aka hyperventilation, grrr. I am going for more tests soon.

Do you have hayfever/other allergies/sinusitis ... under control? Have you had a referral? If you are still in Bristol there is at least one consultant in Southmead with difficult asthma interest. Try asking your GP about an atrovent inhaler if you haven't had that yet, there is also theophylline but many GPs are reluctant to prescribe it these days.


Hi TJ,

Thanks for replying. I have tried (without success) all of the meds listed. I am currently using Seretide Acculhaler four-six puffs a day...not even that helps. I do have other allergies, hayfever and eczema. I feel that I'm getting nowhere with it. I just hope it doesn't get even worse when the cold winter comes this year. Hope you feel better soon.


Forum rant missing posts

There is more replies as shown here asthma.org.uk/applications/... but missing from the original

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Jenna22, I'm not sure if you mean you have tried all meds listed on your profile or in the posts? Have you tried Atrovent and how about a referral? How are your hayfever and other allergies managed? I know these been mentioned before but can't see any answers from you


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