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Asthma getting worse?

Ive had asthma now for 5 months. I have both inhalers-blue and brown. After taking the brown inhaler as prescribed-day and night, im still finding that im getting my usual symptoms-tight chest, coughing and getting out of breath after walking up the stairs. Im using my blue inhaler frequently as well as the brown inhaler as prescribed. My boyfriend has noticed my symptoms affecting me a lot more too. Could it be that i need stronger inhalers?

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Well do you personally think your asthma is controlled?

Do you go for a full week where you only use your blue inhaler 3 times or less?

Is it affecting your day to day life?

Is it waking you in the night?

My asthma is happy under the medication i am prescribed, so if yours is unhappy you know where you should go, we cannot give medical advice or make a diagnosis over the internet so it is your judgement. Answer the questions and then decide. For more information look on this website.



Well you cannot realy get stronger inhalers as by the sound of it that ytou are taking the max dose as it is (could be wrong though)

Might be you require a long acting reliver as part of your treament something such as salmeterol or formoterol. these can be found in inhalors such as Sertide and Symbocort. I could go to your GPS and ask for a asthma review with the nurse.


Thanks for your advice. I read your questions and answered yes to most of them. I think im going to make an appointment for an asthma review with my nurse. Will it just be a general review with peak flow readings etc?


dairy products

try leaving out the cheese and milk, it gives me nightmare asthma


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