i dream about asthma related things quite often, it can be a big part of my life so its not very surprising, but sometimes i will have several days of very vivid dreams where i have asthma attacks andoftne end up in hosp etc. and then i will get very ill with my asthma. it doesnt always happen before i get ill but i find it quite stressful dreaming about asthma because of this and i wondered has anyone else had this or have any idea why it might be (i have been told by mates that i often wheeze and cough badly in my sleep, but i dont know if i am when i have asthma attack dreams)

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  • Possibly it is to do with coughing during sleep. I get those sometimes too. Although in real life I've never ended up in hospital, the worry is always there. When I'm lacking good sleep that's when those dreams begin.

  • ive never ended up in hosp either, but im guessing the dreams are my interpretation of it. i wondered if it could be phsycological, in me thinking i was gonna have an attack so i did, but that cant have been it the first time!

  • I woke up in a huge tizzy at 8.30 this morning as I had a dream I had done my IV paracetamol but had gone to sleep without locking it off when it had finished or doing all the other 6am IV's I was hunting in the bed for the sterile pack with the other stuff in. In the end I got OH up and he said ""you did them and had a cup of tea as well, besides I would also wake you up if you fell asleep without finishing then"" it was so vivid I really thought I had messed up.

    My other pet asthma dream is to dream I am having an attack on a neb, I get a rude awakening when I realise the asthma attack bit was real but the neb bit was not!


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