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You can do it Desmond Dragon!


About 20 years ago when our son was first diagnosed with Asthma he/we was given a pack of asthma educational materials. Included was a story book (about 10 pages I seem to remember). The story was about a dragon who couldn't breathe fire like his parents and friends and so he was taught how to breathe. he was encouraged by being told ""You can do it Desmond Dragon!"" Our family has always used it as an encoouraging saying ever since. However we don't have the book and now both my great nephews have asthma and I'd love to be able to give them a copy. Does anyone out there have one or knnow where I can get one please?



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I do have a treasured copy............ perhaps I could scan it?


Hello Mardi,

Thanks for your message, can you amend your settings please because I can't reply to your message!




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