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New to forum and new to Asthma!

Hi everyone, just thought I'd make a quick post to introduce myself! My name's Sarah and I was diagnosed with asthma last Saturday!

I'd been having trouble breathing for a week (went to see the Doctor and he put it down to panic attacks as I suffer from anxiety), it got worse and worse and eventually I couldn't even stand without extreme breathlessness. Got ambulance'd to hospital last Saturday morning (22nd) where I stayed until Tuesday (25th).

Back home now trying to get a grip on everything, working inhalers and peak flows into my day plus having to find somewhere else to live so my indoor rabbits can be moved outside! It's all slightly overwhelming!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum & glad you found us! I am sorry to read of your latest struggles. My once well controlled asthma has changed to severe in a matter of months. I got my diagnosis yesterday from a specialist & new meds to try. All the best with finding new homes for your bunnies. Here for you hun.




Hi Sarah, sorry about your news, i know its all very overwhelming a lot coming at you at once, try to keep thing in perspective, its hard, i suffer from anxiety have done for about 15 years, and diagnosed with asthma this month, i'm still learning as you will all on here are great, and will get back to you when needed, i hope you find somewhere so your bunnies to go outside, do they set you off?. sometimes take a step back and relax, take care,xx


Hi Sarah, welcome to AUK!

Sorry to hear of your news and recent diagnosis. I know myself how easy the symptoms of asthma can be overlooked and brushed away. I hope your experience here is positive and friendly, and I am glad you found us.

I think the hardest part of adapting is remembering to take your meds or accept the condition, especially as you know what life was like before.

We all have your back.




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