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Costa Visits?

What have you all been to hospital for? Whats the most interesting thing that happened while in there?

Me, when I was in year 4 i woke up suddenly during the night and was gasping for breath. my mum called an ambulance and was rushed into a&e. during the journey i was dipping in and out of consciousnesses and they found that my left lung had collapsed. They then put a tube directly into the lung to try to inflate it. It was horrible and i was in ICU for about a week!

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I had atrial fibrillation, couldn't breathe and got carted off to A'n'E where I was attached to a 12 lead and left to get on with it for a while. All I could see was the cleaner with a bucket of cold, dirty water which he was slowly sloshing round the middle of the floor, very carefully not going to the edges or moving chairs or other obstructions. I have to tell you that this is the best cure for a misbehaving heart that has ever been invented - within minutes I was ready to detach myself from the 12 lead, leap off the bed in my horrible gown that didn't do up at the back and show him how to do it properly!


wow! thats a joke! I suppose i was lucky. My hospital is pretty good but the only thing that I hated the most was being woken up every hour to make sure I was ok!


i've not been to costa for asthma and luckily when i did go was only there overnight, i had an abscess in my armpit that needed surgery (then 12 weeks of aftercare!!!!). While i was waiting for the surgery got talking to the other ladies on the ward and obviously you get talking about why you're there. One lasy asked to see my abscess haha and when she did see it she got quite excited ""ohhh i want a pen to draw a face on it!!"" hahahahaha (It was about the size of a golf ball)

Rhudson i'm with you on the annoyance of being woken up every hour - on one occasion i remember waking up with a jolt and double anoyance for me, i'd had general aneasthetic and every time i got woken up i was sick - i think if i'd been left to sleep i might've been ok *sigh*


ouch that sounds nasty! Although I personally have nothing against hospitals because my one is very good but it is never a good experience!

Keep em coming guys!


A funny one was when in hospital having a baby.I had been in a week due to a problem.Well a week later got kept in again and when I got up to go toilet in the night,I went to the bed the week before and nearly got in bed with another patient hahaha.The poor girls face!




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