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My asthma is getting worse since being taken off the preventer

I have been diagnosed wth asthma for about 6 years now, and at the begining i was on a preventer and a reliever inhlaer, but about 3 years ago i got taken off the preventer... now for the first year i was fine but after that i've noticed my asthma gradually getting worse, and when i moved up too my seconardy school its became quite a problem, up until now i have managed to keep it more or less under control but this winter i can really feel it begining to become more of a major problem

what should i do?

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I would go & see your asthma nurse if I were you. Asthma can change a lot in a short space of time so you may need to go back on to the preventer meds. Hope you get sorted & you feel better soon.


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