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Peak Flow what is it?

Excuse my ignorance but have only recently been diagnosed with asthma and just had a few inhalers thrown at me by a stressed out GP, so I know virtually nothing other than the inhalers work ( although the preventer left me so weak and tired had to stop using it ).

I`ve had two fairly scary attacks although probably by you long term sufferers standards they were probably mild. The first attack was after a mild cold during pollen season, managed to drag myself to the doctor`s fighting for breath only to be told to come back late afternoon, 8 hours later. The chemist was more sympathetic and helpful and equipped with a tub of Vic I spent my waiting time with my head in a bowl of steaming Vics.

The worst attack was in the high winds the other day it took my breath away and I was fighting to get back in the house for my reliever, luckily my wife came out to see what I was up to.

I`ve noticed since I`ve had asthma that I keep getting an overproduction of clear mucus is this usual?

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peak flow i think measures your breath or somthing like that, more info will be on the website, but you blow into, sharp blow and it will record how good your breathing is like my best is meant to be 400 but am 200 at the moment, so it also tell you when your asthma is getting worse.

i would never see the doctor for anything releated as they never have the time, have you ever seem a asthma nurse yet, as they are better, they have more time. your surgery will offer asthma clinics and just book appiontment with the nurse, she will check your peak flow and maybe your inhaler technique, she will also answer any qestions you may have about your asthma and the appiontments can also be a oppuinity to dicuss your treatments and they are working for you


I spend half my life coughing up clear mucus. It's not pleasant, but as long as I've got plenty of tissues available I manage ok for most of the time. You'll probably find that it gets worse after you've had a cold or other infection and tapers off when your asthma is well controlled.

Make a list of all your questions and concerns and take it to the Asthma nurse at your surgery and if you don't quite understand the answers, keep asking until you get a clear explanation.

Good luck



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