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Finally I have had the result I Wanted and thanks to OH and HR and my Union.

Started today back on my own job that I love,its been going on since the beginning of september.

I have still been working all the time but limited duties but back on full form now and smiling like a Cheshire cat.

love Glynis


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  • Good sense prevails. Happy for you. xx

  • Hi Glynis,

    Great news. I am so happy for you.Take care. x

  • So happy for you. Without the stress and with the good news hope your asthma improves also.

  • And hooray too to see a positive message! Good for you Glynisx

  • Fantastic news!!!

    Well done Glynis :o)

  • hurrah, great news...just proves the worlds going mad, should never have been put through all that.

  • Congrats Glynis, hope you don't mind me hijacking this Glynis, but I think it would be really nice to turn this Title into a spot where people can post happy experiences and thoughts of the day, maybe to cheer up those who are having an off moment!

    So my first posting on this thread is "" So Happy today"" because I spent 5 hours out of the house with Lottie Dog in the snow, which I had been hating because I felt unwell, but the high dose pred has kicked in once again, and so for nearly 2 of those hours I watched Lottie chasing and playing with other doggie friends, and doing her own impression of Snow Angels. Her efforts made me laugh and smile.

    Congratulations once again Glynis, hope this is a sign that 2010 will be a much better year for you in work.

    Looking forward to reading other postings that start ""So happy today.""

    Katina and Lottie Dog down in Snowy Hereford

  • So happy today"" because i slept solidly till 1pm after lots of nights not getting much sleep and waking up a lot, felt so much better i got loads of coursework done which is one massive stress i no longer have to deal with :)

    ps congrats glynis

  • Hi

    I would have entitled this "" nearly happy today"" but instead how about "" really embarrassed today""

    Went to the gym, ( part of the new year new me) picture me feeling good and ready for a bit of action. I walked onto the tread mill to begin my "" fast walk"" when i notice a really hot looking guy in the gym staring at me. He walks over to me and i blush expectantly, well it turns out i was right to blush as he pointed out that my trousers were on inside out and the label was hanging down the backside like a bit of toilet roll stuck in my knickers!!

    AAAAArgh, wanted to disapear, and i did, rapidly.

    Hope that cheers you up.

    Pinky ( and a sort of blushy red colour)

  • thankyou for all your replies and nice to here some happy stories.

    love for this to carry on for everyone (im so happy because)

    wonder it the web editor could alter the title for us.

    love Glynis x

  • Thankyou web editor

    I asked the web editor to change the title so everyone can post their happy stories here and hope keep it going as had some lovely replies. love Glynis xxxx

  • Happy, happy day

    Daughter just had first scan. All is well. Butterbean waved at them and kicked its toes.


  • got an A* in my double science physics exams and an A in the coursework, and an A* in my chemistry coursework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • A's all round? That's wonderful. Very pleased for you.

  • backawayslowly,well done fantastic xxxxxx

  • I am happy because.....

    I have one more exam left....and the snow has cleared enough so I can go home for the weekend =D

  • well done on the grades!

    so happy today as my little lad is finally better after an asthma attack and then chest infection. we can all sleep again, which is always good for the brain!

  • I feel very good about myself as having had my uni degree ruined by asthma I moved home and started doing a nursing degree.

    I got my exam results back and have above 90% in all my exams and 100% in one of them. I still need to get one exam result back!!!


  • Olive ,Welldone congratulations xxx

  • Just heard a friend's granddaughter couldn't go sledging as no sledges for sale anywhere tho they'd heard ebay had folk trying to sell them for mega-bucks. DH had a good look in our attic and yes, we did still have a plastic sledge from away back. Delivered last night, the wee lass was out sledging in the dark with her dad. A very happy wee girl from all accounts. We're happy to have helped.

  • PS Wheels, just looked at everyone else's posts there and read about your wee boy's being over his attack. Hopefully you all had a good and refreshing sleep.

    GrannyMo xx

  • Pinky, thank U, made me laugh hehehe

    hurah, snows gone at last..:-D

  • Finally a day I didn't feel tight and moving to a new flat less stairs !!!!

  • Finally a day I didn't feel tight and moving to a new flat less stairs !!!!

  • I got tow A*'s and an A in my first lot of science modules :D though i still have a gcse maths exam next week...

  • Congratulations anzharry on your results. You too Gussypoo on the move.

  • Made a start and got a new swim suit,cant wait to go as first time without my crutches.

    Got a ear problem needs sorting first but so happy to start swimming again x

  • last night and tonight i've had to do that thing that most parents do and go right up to my son's face to see if i could hear him breathing. now that's a first since about the cold snap came along in November!!!

  • probably seems really trivial to a lot of people but i love milk but coz of lungs im not allowed it very often but im not coughing much atm so im allowed it :)

  • Found some really old GOOD friends on facebook who I had totally lost touch with. Very happy bunny! :o)

  • Fee - same here! good old facebook. we've just had loads of old school photos on there and have laughed SO much! x

  • Wow! Im so happy that the Joke line hits 200. big thankyou to woody-som ,

    keep them posted lol Glynis

  • Found out today that I have passed my uni module I've been doing for the past year - 60 credits so very happy :o)

  • Feejay,

    Welldone,fantastic Love Glynis xxx

  • Granddaughter's dancing display tonight. 3 year olds like her and all the way right up to teens. All, dancers and audience, seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. At the end, the older girls led the smaller dancers back onto the stage. One wee one, bowed oh so many times, and so far over, her hair was almost touching the floor in front of her - Yes, you've guessed it - Our granddaughter.

  • granny Mo,

    Bet she looked so cute.They love it at that age.

    The young ones now are not like us,they seem to be alot more confident and

    not at all shy on stage.

    so nice for you LOL Glynis xxxx

  • survived 9 attemts at getting some blood out of my arm before she gave up, dont have to go for another week, arms hurt but i figure it wont be so bad next time :)

  • Hi about problems getting blood out, ask for an arm warmer. Sounds mad but hubby had the same problem every 6 weeks when having infusions, took 6 attempts at least until getting a vein not to collapse or disappear. A senior Doctor suggested warming the arm first, always works 1st time now and no bruises!! Good luck for next time

  • Backawayslowly,

    My dad has the same problem with needles can't find a vein.

    Rattles-thanks for the tip,will tell my dad.

    He had to go for a scan and injection and after so many attempts they had to

    get a anesthetist xxx

  • i can see how that would work actually (maybe i pay more attention in science than i thought!) thnx for the advice. fortunately, next time im going to the phlabotimist (is that how its spely???) anyway worst case scenario she can use the butterfly needles in my hands to give my arms a break, hurts surprisingly little today though, muscle ones hurt LOADS the next day!!

    at school me and a group of mates managed to raise about £300 for Haiti

  • i can see how that would work actually (maybe i pay more attention in science than i thought!) thnx for the advice. fortunately, next time im going to the phlabotimist (is that how its spely???) anyway worst case scenario she can use the butterfly needles in my hands to give my arms a break, hurts surprisingly little today though, muscle ones hurt LOADS the next day!!

    at school me and a group of mates managed to raise about £300 for Haiti

  • BackAwaySlowly,

    Fantastic,our school did a none uniform day not sure what it added up to xxxxx

  • Can't wait!

    I can't wait for the world cup in the summer! :-) as a football fanatic I just can't wait;-) got the new footie shirt for Xmas so I'm well prepared. Bring home the cup England!! lol x

  • Just as long as its not 1966 all over again.

    edit: made it sound less cheeky.

  • That would be ok grannymo wouldn't it? Thus country needs something exciting:-)))) x

  • Yes, Lydia. It would be ok. From uk's point of view, needs a wee cheer up.

    From Scotland's point of view, not sure that's the cheer up we need. xx

  • nah, 2012 when we'll sweep the board with golds.

  • Lol grannymo ;-)

    are you Scottish? Don't mind them you know;-) I'm just passionate about football and I'm not even English lol. Now, I'd better not tell you where I'm from, you might not like me anymore;-)

    somewhere from the EU but lived in uk for nearly 5 yrs. do you like football at all?

    Love Lydia x

    @woody: yeah I agree, 2012 should be greeeaat ;-)

    I love watching the swimming,you? x

  • My Badger Sett 'won' Badger Sett of the year

    Very happy :D

  • HI Lydia, Don't care where you are from as long as I don't have to support England for the World Cup. As to football, I've a friend who is football daft. Has been since a wee lass. She tells me when we met, she knew I didn't know much about football, but said she never guessed how much I didn't know about football.

    Shame on her. I do know the pitch is really called the park. And what a header is. And keepie uppie.

    Local derby of Celtic v Rangers, we take sides. She has her beloved Celtic and I align myself with Rangers having grown up with the sound of the Ibrox roar coming over the hill on a Saturday afternoon.

  • PS Congratulations to 'me' on the Badger Sett. How interesting to have contact with badgers. I won't ask where it is for obvious reasons, but well done you.


  • Hi grannymo,

    well headers are one of the best things so I'm giving you points for that;-)

    I know things have always been a wee bit ""dodgey"" when it comes to rival clubs and countries so I'm keeping out of this one ;-)

    looking forward to some great matches and hope the French will get kicked out early after their cheat!

    Any way: happy stories here so just waiting for the summer now, out with friends, slurping cocktails and desperate for a sun tan lol. I rather started looking like a vampire that's how pale I am...

    Love Lydia x

  • Me-, well done on the badger set, have a few here and nice to see them, although farmers don't agree, and you see them on the sides of the roads, supposedly hit by a car (YEh right)

    Lydia, Oh swimming and some of the cycling are at the tops for me, the field events are about as interesting as watching football and thats -10 for me, I'll join GM in knowing the basics of football, rules etc, but who is playing, which team are where I wouldn't have a clue, and don't care

  • Well done on winning Badger sett of the year!

    I think Me's badgers are of the small human variety! LOL! St John Ambulance has badgers aged 5-10 yrs old before they join St John Cadets!

    Cute most of the time but not very furry!


  • Hehe. Sometime I think it would be nice to have amimals instead. I'm sure they'd make less mess!

  • Hi

    Out kayaking this afternoon in the sea with a friend in the beautiful low sun, just warm enough to feel like spring was in the air. Silence all around us other than the lapping of waves against our kayaks and then just in front of us i spotted the fin and silver body of a porpoise. We watched it for a while as it circled us, rising to the surface, blowing water through its blow hole and then diving, disappearing from sight.

    Life felt good for me today and i am glad i am here to enjoy it.


  • Beach time :-)

    I decided this morning to take my 19 month old godson to the beach. Whilst I got all excited by it he just screamed his head off! He's not used to the sand yet and probably thought it might swollow him lol. He was the same with snow. Well I thought I was being clever and win him over so I got his beloved ball out...but noooo! He wasn't having it. While he screamed I ended up kicking the ball about on my own. To make things worse we ended up being in the way of some tv guys filming a sports group running around. Lol

    Still, I had a good time and the ice cream went down well afterwards;-)

    love Lydia x

  • Beach times

    Making me feel a little jealous. That sounded heavenly pinkie. Kayaking with nature so close.

    And you too Lydia, though takes time for little ones to appreciate sand. Must seem strange stuff. When you've spent time getting one's balance right for carpets and pavements and uneven surfaces and then... you come across a surface that changes as you walk across it. Scary.

  • Hi grannyMo,

    I know it must have been scary for him bu told him he'd better get used to it as I love the beach and he'll be joining me a lot in future ;-)

    I'm sure he'll be fine eventually lol.

    Yes I'm really lucky. I'm 10mins away from the beach and also 10mins away from the north York moors(national park).

    Loving nature and sea air good for us asthmatics(in warmer conditions than these) anyway.

    He might want me to get the red carpet out for him lol. No chance;-)

    love Lydia x

  • The hour I've gotta sit through my daughters violin lesson. Still sqawking but I can regonise the tunes. So happy to pay the £20

  • The hour I've gotta sit through my daughters violin lesson. Still sqawking but I can regonise the tunes. So happy to pay the £20

  • The hour I've gotta sit through my daughters violin lesson. Still sqawking but I can regonise the tunes. So happy to pay the £20

  • Im so happy to be back on AUK.

    So happy to have fantastic friends on here.WOODY-SOM and Granny Mo,Feejay and most of all WEEZER1.

    They have kept intouch by emails diverted to my phone and also texts.

    Weezer1 love her to bits and emailed me text me and phone eachother and also sent a lovely cake before xmas.

    Big thankyou to everyone ment the world to me .LOL Glynis xxx

    (Laptop crashed and had to be sent off for repair)

  • Im so happy there will be a new baby in family and pred helping and virtio nearly gone .

  • Glynis does prednisolone make u pregnant now better warn the wife.Ha ha ha . U want my wet suit for a maternity frock!!!!!!!! Great news ur feeling better and congratulations on the baby news (grandchild)

  • Gussypoo

    pmsl. no pred wont get u pregnant hahaha. its my cousins Wife hahaha!

    im 44 not going down that road again but had everyone laughing at the lung tests.

    2 boothes together and man keps saying ""breath in in! in !now hold and out! out out! out! and I Couldnt help shout hey you giving birth in there,voice came back a man shouted bloody hope not we all and specialists laughing so much .thats what they say in the tests but couldnt help my self hahahaha xxx

  • gussypoo. im so happy when see men in suits ,hey not seen anything funnier that that pic.

    Happy today its the pred and other stuff had a bit energy boost xxx

  • Im so happy I have just had my back to work interview after been back a full week and back

    on my full active duties now so realy happy and over the moon xxx

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