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eye sight

I should wear glasses all the time but dont like to wear them as wear maskers on my ears.Ive been on steroids alot and noticed my eyes are blury than normal and watery this time on steroids and read that steroids can cause it ,but didnt say if gets better when off them. Wearing my glasses but wondering if I need get re tested or give it a bit of time see how my sight goes when off steroids next week.I know medical advice carnt be given so just wonder how others sight goes when on steroids ! Love glynis.Edited-added watery

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Hey Glynis,

I had the same start last August and asked to be seen by an opthalmologist at the hosp by my resp team...went along and have now been told I have cataracts.

Mine started with just a bit of blurred vision so i wore my glasses more often, but noticed it wasnt really doing anything.

Ive been on long term steroids for a year now so not sure if this would happy on short term steroids.

No harm in going to opticians though just to have them checked out



Think best get checked also as blury all the time and eyes watery.My glasses help but def worse xxx


Im having slight blurred vision at the minute and I've been on steroids now for 4 months but as I'm on alot of pain medication which alter my vision anyway so I'm not sure if its getting worse because of those or the steroids.

I'm thinking of booking in to have them tested to just be on the safe side. Hope yours gets sorted out soon

Jilly xx


Glynis you did a similar post last year about your eyesight and was advised then to get it checked out also. At that time You got told to wear your glasses more by the optician .... So think its bit unfair to blame the Prednisalone ... But better safe than sorry another visit to the opticians is wot u need


Gussypoo, will get them checked.They are watery also blury.Yes wearing my glasses alot more now just wonderd if could be pred also with being watery. Just wonderd how others were on steroids.I dont blame the steroids but wonderd if adding to IT.


Well eyes ok and dont need stronger glasses.Got a allergy reaction going on with my eyes blury and watery and today streaming and puffed up. Got try find out what to eg shampoo,eye make up,washing powder etc


Thats fantastic news that its nothing to serious! Hope u have a good process of elimination game lol xx


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