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I have constantly got gunk in the back of my throat that wont cough up and constantly swollowing the gunk.

My asthma is bad at the moment and been the docs and said im on max everything now and sounded my chest and said I have no chest infection.

Today ive had 2 attacks left me breathless and lots of reliever,I am settled now but still constant gunk in my throat again ,wont come up and constantly swollowing it .

I know yellow and green gunk is infection .but as carnt get it up to see I dont know what colour it is and

doc said had no infection yesterday.

Im waiting see my con in june and results of a reverse airway test and the man that did the test said the salbutamol did nothing to my results.

So what I realy just need to know is this normal all this gunk in my throat 24/7 or if I have another bad go then go to AnE or 24 hour doc

edit-been off work 6 weeks and signed off fit to start monday so realy want be well

edit -OLD post added new message on 28 TH March

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Glynis I would have been at a and e after 1st attack never mind waiting for a 3rd. At a and e also do an xray And bloods so will b better at diagnosing. Regarding gunk have u discussed wiith gp a nasal spray incase of nasal drip.


Gussypoo,told the doc about the rubish and he sounded my chest and said no infection and didnt seem worried at all just put me on second week of pred.

So first signs of anything not happy with will get seen asp.

As seen by gp yesterday I felt ok with what he said but not going risk it and get seen as I Think an infection brewing ,love GLYNIS XXX


Didn't mean to nagg. Just I left things to late once. So wouldn't want anyone else doing the same....


gussypoo,its ok glad for your advice my brill friend your not nagging ,love glynis xxx

edit-admitted to hosp 3 times with asthma and chest infections so hope this isnt one brewing as at the moment no weeze or pain or coloured gunk that I can see xxx


Did u talk about nasal drip wie gp. I constantly had a snuffle hospital

put me on a spray and it has helped not so many chest infections


Did u talk about nasal drip wie gp. I constantly had a snuffle hospital

put me on a spray and it has helped not so many chest infections


gussypoo,will ask doc next time as this gunk swollowing is horible and none rubish in my nose to blow its dry.drinking lots of water try shift it.

drank a bottle going round tesco and paid for empty bottle with food hahaha



hi pet sorry to here your not well , am in the same position myself iwas in a shopping center and my throath was so full of gunk felt like it blocked my airway and took a panic attack got so frightened im on 2 inhalers for post nasal drip and my snoring is unreal i snor for ireland soory even if we did win the rugby !! i think they have made me worse what do we do we have to listen to the docs . AT THE MO i feel im on too much meds and still symptomatic . i should be climbing mountains with the amount of stuff im on its crazy hubby cant get head around it at all thinks the cons are over doseing me ¬¬


OLD POST bumped up.

After putting up with the mucus that is thick and every time I swollow

mucus gets swollowed and wont cough up and puts me of eating

my GP has put me on mucus tablets to thin down the gunk.

So hope that works soon.

Got every symptom of asthma every day breathless so my con is

checking out my heart also and breathing asthma tests not sure 100% whats causing it

asthma /heart.

Hope the mucus tablets Glynis xxx


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