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Heart test came back with a problem.

On its own wont make my breathing as bad as it is but added to asthma is

the cause of my grumpy lungs and bad breathing.

On full action plan at the moment the weather is killing me and back on

pred if double meds dont help.

not got to be seen again for follow up by cardiolagy just carry on with my

asthma meds to help me breath and see my asthma con next week see what he can do.

love Glynis

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Sorry to hear you had bad news, hope you get some more answers soon.

Take care

Love Kate xxx


Sorry to hear that Glynis. Hope the asthma consultant can help out with ur breathing and get u feeling better. This weather is awful isn't it, hope doubling up the meds helps



So sorry about your bad news Glynis, I really do hope the asthma consultant can help you.

Hope you start to feel better soon

Take care


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