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8 to 8 docs

A health walk in centre has oppend near to me just a bus ride away.

If you carnt get in the docs that day,you just walk in and fill in forms thats all.

I went on Friday after our doc could not fit me in and had pred and antibiotics and told me

come back if need to.

Im due to see my asthma nurse on Monday and going call in again tomorrow as

still need the pred.

I feel realy reasured now that we have this service nearly on my doorstep and AnE just up the road.

Its open 8 till 8- 7 days aweek. anyone else have one near them ?

love Glynis xxx

EDIT-sorry duplicate post sticky buttons x

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I have one at the leisure center by me its a fantastic reassurance...they were even their when i had my first chest infection when i was petrified on friday evenin an didnt know what was up an couldnt have gotten to my own gp till monday....they're really useful....tho some can be a bit dippy but ive done fairly well with them so far.


Our local one has just shut down and is a huge loss to local people.

I guess it's cut backs.


I would do anything to have one of those here. i work far away from my docs and its very difficult to try and get in that same day if im very ill. Really at the end of my tether at times with my gp surgery


if you ring nhs direct they can send you to an out of hours doc if its urgent but not quite an a&e trip. We took my daughter for conjunctivitus on a friday night and the chemist wouldn't give us anything coz she was only a year old.


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