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Didnt last long!

After beeing on steroids for 40 days then 40 days again finaly got my asthma behave and pf to 500 for 4 days.Woke up today with a stinking cold and pf dropping and now a non stop asthma cough and temp. Pred down to 3mg and really dont want a chest infection as nearly off the dam steroids ! EDIT- Woke up and pf ok back up to 500. Just got a nasty cold virus.

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naughty asthma


oh Glynis, I am sorry, you were doing so well. Fight that damn cold!! xxx


Sorry that you are suffering again Glynis.

I hope you will start to feel better soon


Thank you xxx going take 10-12 puffs of easyhaler if need and see if dont need pred put up. xxx edited -under hospital asthma nurse and phones me with pred dose and see her end of month and for allergy test at last xxx


grrr.... feel better soon glynis, hope things pick up

you were doing really well on the lil pills!



Hospital asthma nurse keeping eye on me when off pred pf drops and back on them again matinance dose xxx


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