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In case any of our younger members were wondering...

The KA boards are currently experiencing technical difficulties following a change to new server system. The tecchy bods are working on it, but I'm guessing cos they're not fixed now that they'll be down until sometime on Monday.

Apologies on behalf of the behind-the-scenes folks, normal service should be resumed soon.



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  • Thanks Cathy. I think we were all wondering what was going on with the boards. Everyone was most confused.


  • I think the young ones from the KA boards who are experiencing temporary confusement and befuddlementation, should consider it practice for what is to come cos I am in that state all the time :)



  • Ah no you mean the confusement doesnt wear off-

    *wonders off very confused* :P

  • *is always confused anyway so makes no difference*

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