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General Queries and advice needed please, thanks!- sorry it's a bit long!

Hello, I was just needing a bit of advice really.

I've been off work for about 2 months now- got taken into A&E a few weeks ago, with the accompanying blue lights, but luckily managed to get discharged!Since then I've been at home on the usual steroids(still on 40mg) and regular nebs. Several chest infections later I'm now finally on the mend and down to 3-4 nebs/day so hopefully back to work shortly!I'm due to see resp. consultant next month- when I last saw them they said they may refer me back to RBH to ??consider methotrexate as I've been on high dose steroids for over 2 years now- I was just wondering what happens really if they do decide to put me on it. I was under the RBH previously but was discharged about 3 years ago, since then my asthma has been pretty bad. Any advice would be gratefully received.Sorry I'm rambling on a bit!!!the other queries I had was that for about 6 months now I've had quite severe swelling around my eyes that doesn't go during the day- my GP thinks it's due to steroids, just wondering if anybody else has had the same??It just adds to my lovely moon face appearance and being about a million stone overweight-nice!!

Lastly-(promise!)I was also seen last year for very enlarged glands- had a scan etc and was told by the consultant that they are due to having been quite unwell(last year)and the long term steroids and eventually they will go back to normal- a year on they're still huge- again just wondering if anybody else has had this?

many thanks, sorry to go on a bit


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Hi, this is my first time on here and I have only had astma for 6 months so I dont know a lot . I do know though that I was put on two lots of steroids and both times my eyes were swollen up about a day/2 days after finishing them. The doctor said it was an allergic reaction to them. Hope things get better for you soon, Janette x


Hi fi,

methotrexate came up in this thread late last year - (if this doesn't work put 'methotrexate' in search box). There is a detailed reply from ST in that thread, who said she was happy to be pm'd.

My only knowledge of methotrexate is that my sister was put on it a few years ago for Lupus (her variant behaves like Rheumatoid Arthritis, previous meds - steroids and an older antimalarial - were becoming less effective). She was of course apprehensive but it has helped and she is closely monitored for adverse effects, on which score thankfully she doesn't seem to be having trouble so far. However, the experiences reported in the threads on this forum seem to be mixed and the general recommendation seems to be to discuss it with your consultant.

good luck



sorry to hear you've been through the mill, lots of questions remain unanswered for you. Have you considered phoning the AUK asthma nurses, number top left of the screen.

if ClaireOB's link doesn't work, and the site tends to split long links, this is the same one but shortened.



Sorry to hear you've been having a time of it. I hope you feel a bit better soon. My daughter was on Methotrexate some 15 years ago for her asthma. She was monitored very carefully but for her it wasn't a help. I hope you have more luck, but would say to you to speak to your G.P., asthma nurse and respiratory consultant so you have a good understanding of what it entails. God luck and take care. LIZ x x


Thanks very much for your replies and advice- I think I will write things down before I see the resp. consultant as you can guarantee I will forget to ask something otherwise! My GP is great and I'm due to see him soon too.

Thanks again



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