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Working abroad with asthma- healthcare costs etc

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience of working abroad when suffering from severe asthma?

My partner and I are strongly considering giong to either Singapore or New Zealand in August for a year to work (he is a doctor and I am a postdoctoral research scientist). We both meet the entrance criteria required to get work permits, which, in theoy, should mean that they ignore the fact that I will completely fail the health screening. I have severe asthma and alongside the usual concoction of inhalers, tablets, etc I have xolair injections every three weeks. I end up in hospital (including ITU) quite frequently but I have only had three admissions in the last 12 months which shows that things are getting more stable.

My main concern is the price of healthcare in other countries and my eligability for health insurance that covers asthma. I am waiting for someone from the NZ bureau to call me regarding my application query but I am worried that if I am too frank with them my application will be immediately rejected (I obviously wouldn't lie though). Currently I only have to pay for an annual prescription card but if I had to pay as part of a private scheme I am not sure I could afford it. Has anyone spent time in NZ or Singapore whilst asthmatic?

I realise that it might seem completely selfish to go abroad and become a burden on a healthcare system that I will only be paying into briefly, but I have tried so hard not to let my asthma dominate my life and so I would be devestated if I thought it meant I was unable to try working elsewhere (also the job market here is really tough right now for both me and my partner and so a move abroad for a bit would potentially be a good idea).

Any feedback anyone has would be great!



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will this link help? my pc is being rather slooow tonight so i've jstu copiesd and pasted

geina x


Thanks. Yep, it seems to confirm that I would not be eligable for public healthcare system in which case I need to find out more about private policys. I haver a feeling this will mean it is a no go though :-( Thanks again for the link though!


try BUPA? they came up in my brief search. and i'd also try talking to the insurance comapnies here before you go.

geina x


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