Asthma classification?

Could someobdy please tell me what different kinds of asthma there are (being counted) in UK? What are its types/classes, and what are their criteria? People speak of this-and-that kind of asthma, but then I don't really know the classification... If there is any criteria for such classification, then is there also different ways to treat the different asthmas? I just feel often confused when reading instructions or descriptions of 'what asthma should be like' and 'how do treat it', and then noticing that it all doesn't seem to fit my situation.. So how this all should be viewed?


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  • Look up the British Thoracic Society. They have a large document available called Guidelines on the Management of Asthma. It's split into smaller sections which are quite useful esp. the pharmalogical (i.e. the various inhalers etc) managements steps or stages. Hope it helps clear things up for you.

  • Niccia - AUK has several Free publications that may help you find out more about your own and all the ""types"" of Asthma and their treatments.

    Good luck and look after yourself

    Love and Hugs from the Orkney Isles


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