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asthma-friendlyness in chester and coventry

Hi everyone!

I should decide weather to go to study at university of Chester or uni of Warwick in Coventry. Can anyone give me a piece of advice about those places: any comments on the air quality outside and inside the university buildings, moulds, condition of the student apartments, air quality in the cities, other asthma-related tips or ideas?

what about the possibilities to get good care for asthma during the year I'm going to spend there in Chester / Coventry (as an exchange student)? should I be prepared to take all the possible asthma medicines with me, or can I plan to buy some of them (symbicort, prednisolon..) there during the year - that is, how easy it is for a student to get in contact with a good asthma doctor?

Thanks for any information!


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well i cant answer for coventry but I can for chester! I work at the hospital and also been a patient with my asthma there. They have a good team of respiratory doctors and respiratory specialist nurses. Are you under the care of a consultant at your lacal hopsital now? They best thing to do where ever you decide to study at is register with the local gp and then he can refer you to the hospital if needed!!


I would think Chester would be better than Coventry but not sure, Chester has some lovely countyside while Coventry has the M6 and M69.


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