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Get your voice heard on the future of Asthma UK

Asthma UK has commissioned some independent market research into how it communicates with people with asthma.

We are particularly interested in the opinions of people with severe asthma and are offering selected participants £40 for their time to take part in a group discussion to give their views in a relaxed and informal manner.

If you live in North London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or Berkshire and would be able to spare up to 90 minutes to take part, please contact with your name, telephone number and how you would describe your asthma.

Exact dates of the discussion will be confirmed once we have been in contact.

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Just as an aside, when I was first a member of AUK some 30 years ago, they had regional support groups which held regular meetings with talks and literature on display. In fact I was approached to help set up a group in the Midlands where I worked for 2 years.

I dont know why or when these groups disbanded, but maybe setting them up again is one possible way forward to help support asthmatics? I realise there are funding implications and a need for people to lead and organise them - maybe they were originally disbanded because of lack of volunteers?


We really want to get you involved so we're highlighting this opportunity again - we'd love to be able to get your feedback on the future of Asthma UK so if you are interested please do get in touch!

And thanks angievere - I hadn't heard of those regional support groups before - I'll pass that on to the relevant team.


I have been a member of Osteoporosis Society for quite a few years and they have regional groups - I went to one meeting and they had a speaker and leaflet displays. It was very good and the event well attended. I dont know if the groups are coordinated by the head office.

I was quite surprised when I rejoined AUK two years ago that there wasnt anything like that anymore. I definitely remember the AUK newsletter being full of news of what local groups had been up to and how much they had raised. I got the impression that AUK was very much a 'grass roots' organisation. I think the newsletter came out a few times a year and was a 'good read'. Of course this was before the day of the internet etc, so the newsletter (well, it was more like a magazine) was eagerly awaited.

For a lot of people I guess London based AUK HQ may seem a bit remote now. Regional groups would be very popular but I dont know how they could be set up without funding and a plentiful supply of volunteers.

These are only my thoughts - I'd be interested to hear what other people think.


I think it's a good idea to have something regional. I know of quite a number of colleagues and friends who are asthmatic here on the isle of man and there is no support here aside from respiratory nurse, consultant, gp or asthma nurse. did i read somewhere that Asthma UK had an office in Belfast? I may be mistaken.

Look forward to seeing what can be done further to help people in other areas outside of London and surrounding areas.


Bumped up. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Although my asthma couldn't be considered severe (no hospital admissions so far, touch wood) I think that a support group could be a really good idea as it would mean that you could share details of services available in your area, good GPs etc.


I def think it a good idea for people with asthma and brittle asthma in fact all asthma should have there voices heard I have been in the asthma uk magazine and found it a real Intresting read and reading how other people cope around the country XXX


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