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For those of you looking at holidays and holiday insurance, preparation etc..... have a look at the latest edition of Asthma Magazine by AUK. Page 24....... There are some lovely photos of the Falkland Islands. I wonder who that person in purple is?? (Oh, me!)

Anyway, it has some very good advice on travel and how to get the best out of a holiday or even a trip of a lifetime.

Kate & the penguins........

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  • I must admit was worth reading and it was the only thing I have read properly and made sure kept!

    Even though insurance is still to high to inculde asthma for me.... damm ITU admissions!

    Is channel isalnds covered by NHS or E111?

  • hi Kate,

    yes i saw it, i was well chuffed when i saw you, i meant to say hi on FB last night, but by the time i was ready to chat you were off line,

    a good mag this time i thought,

    g xx

  • HI kate,

    Yes i saw it and new it was you straight away lol xxxx

    That made me laugh also as I know why the penguins usually end up in our storys on the

    off topic forum hahaha.

    Was a lovely read and nice picture Kate xxxx

  • Heehee, saw it and thought had to be you. Have saved the mag to finish reading when I'm in Thurs

    P.S. Not had any problems with asthma & travel insurance free with A&L bank account but probably would be different if admitted?

  • Hi Kate,

    looks like you were in heaven with the penguins, bet you had a wonderful time. Must have been quite tiring doing such a long journey but worth it. The info on travelling and insurance was very timely and great info. i must admit i do keep my back copies as i do refer back to them.

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