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Moderator message - Replying to PMs

Hello, folks!

We've seen a marked increase in people reporting other members' PM to the moderating team without really meaning to!

When you click on the link to report a PM or post, a further screen appears where you can give your reasons for making the report. This information - along with a copy of the message/post you are reporting - is emailed to Webed, and thus to CathBear and myself.

Recently, the ""reasons"" that have been given are obviously a typed reply to the message and not a report - caused by a message board user clicking on the ""report this message"" link instead of using the big ""reply"" box underneath the message.

So, please, PLEASE check what you're typing into, and what you're clicking on before you send stuff - not just on this site, but anywhere on the Internet. Spoof web pages are frequently used to steal credit card and other information, and if you're not properly checking what you're doing you increase the risk of accidentally sending important information to the wrong place.

If you think you've sent someone a PM and they haven't replied to it, check your ""sentbox"" in your messages area to see if the message is there. If it isn't, you've accidentally sent us a message report instead, and you'll have to re-send it.

Thanks, folks!


(mod bod)

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Just a little bump.


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