Asthma UK community forum



There seems to have arisen some confusion over your access to these boards.

You were never banned from these message boards - you sent Cathbear a PM and *asked* for your account to be closed! Because we don't delete accounts for security purposes, I suspended it because that's the next best thing. Webeditor explained all this to you in an email he sent when it happened.

Our terms and conditions clearly state:

""use only one account to access these message boards - users creating multiple accounts will be suspended""

Therefore, I have no alternative but to suspend the account Canonist that you have recently rejoined with. However, because you are *not*, and never have been, banned from these message boards, all you need to do is send a quick email to Webeditor and your original GrafxArt account will be opened up again.



PS: To further clear up any other confusion, the only moderator involved in the suspending of either of your accounts was me.


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