Facebook Cause: ""Asthma UK"" - IMPORTANT MESSAGE

Hello all,

Just a quick note to point out that this Cause is IN NO WAY endorsed by Asthma UK.

More to the point, any donations made to this cause through Facebook DO NOT go to Asthma UK; they go to a US charity called ""Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids"".

I urge you to remove yourself from this cause if, like me, you find this rather misleading.

Thanks all,



4 Replies

  • Thanks, Steve, that's well worth knowing. Will look out for that one


  • I assume you would like us to play bump it up with this one for a while.


  • Bump up

  • Thanks for the bumps!

    However, you can stop now; the good folk at Project Agape (who created the Causes application for Facebook) have now removed the cause in question.

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